Two Friends Art
Marisa Gallelli & Cheryl Cenzi

    Welcome!   We are Two Friends Art. We are two friends who 
    met 16 years ago when our boys started preschool together. 
    We became friends as our boys did.  After learning that we have     similar interest in art and both with similar backgrounds, we             started  Two Friends Art in 2002.  It has been a source of joy       and laughter for both of us, we have so much fun creating our

    Our business has grown, we went from making 15 sculptures a       year to 50 or more. We have expanded into Journals (more than     200 this year), mirrors and photo albums.  
    Each is still unique and an original.  

    We now do 5 shows a year and have been in local 
    and international galleries.  In 2006 we won an award for                 sculptures at "The Cornhill Arts Festival".  We won 3 more               awards in 2009! Best of Show & First place in Mixed Media             at Letchworth, At Cornhill 2009 & 2011 we won Third Place in         Sculpture. Corn Hill 2014 and 2016 we won Second place in           Sculpture.            

                                2016 Show Schedule                                              ​                            Allentown      June 2016
                       Corn Hill Arts Festival Roch. NY      July  2016                    Artist Row,  Public Market in Rochester   Sep.  2016
                    Letchworth Arts Festival    October 2016 
                              RMSC November 2016

          Custom Journals  

    Available in two sizes, 
    $18 and $22.     
    Lux Sketch Books available 
    in two sizes as well.
    $32 and $40.

     Visit us on ESTY.